July 24, 2006


KFC uses 'Seven Swords' in Chinese promos

The delicious seven herbs and spices in the Colonel's secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken are loved by everyone, around the world, without exception. But now, some Chinese people who are concerned about their "culture" and their "traditions" are kicking up a stink! How dare they! But before the Colonel puts the royal smackdown on these dissidents, let's hear their side of the story.

In the interests of serving China some real food rather than the ridiculous diet of "rice", "vegetables" and "meat that is not chicken", KFC introduced the delectable cumin seed BBQ chicken burger. And to do so, they used a "Seven Swords of Mt. Tian" based on the character designs from Tsui Hark's recent not-so-hit movie, SEVEN SWORDS. Using the catchphrase "When the Master comes down the mountain, something important must be happening under the heavens," KFC portrayed an ascetic, vegetarian, Taoist monk who feeds the cumin seed BBQ chicken burger to some swordsmen, one of whom is also a vegetarian. KFC also has an online game based around the same theme, declaring, "The seven swords are ready to come down Tianshan to stop the chaos.  While the six swords are ready to go, the youngest swordsman did not want to go.  What will make him come down the mountain?" I bet it's a delicious cumin seed BBQ chicken burger!

The ad caused a mini-outcry in China. Even the Chinese Taoist Association doesn't like the ad (declaring it "rubbish") and KFC has adopted a wall of silence, responding to all queries with, "Cumin seed BBQ chicken burger was a limited period promotional item.  The promotion period is over, including the relevant television advertisements.  Thank you for your attention."

All I can say is: why don't we all just simmer down and enjoy a yummy cumin seed BBQ chicken burger?

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