July 07, 2006


Feng Xiaogang's martial arts HAMLET adaptation, THE BANQUET, looks set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival (out of competition) and is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Thank god the Chinese press is covering what really matters: the lonely crusade by Zhang's body double to get her name on the film. Shao Xiaoshan says that she was one of three Zhang Ziyi stand-ins and that her job was to do Zhang's nude scenes. She's miffed that she has received no credit in the movie and, further, that her work is going unnoticed. Speaking on her blog:

"I gave my body to the audience. I don't care whether my name is on the credits but I just want to tell the public that I did the nude scenes."

The Chongqing Evening News said that someone from the Huayi Brothers production company called Shao and threatened her after her statement went public and told her she had to tell people she wasn't Zhang's body double. But the chairman of the Huayi Brothers denies the phone call and says that Shao is promoting herself on the back of the movie and how could she know she's not in the credits anyways since the movie hasn't been shown to the public?

The story is developing.

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Ahhh...the things that people want credit for...lol

Posted by: Brandon | Jul 10, 2006 6:38:26 AM

Well, not surprising news since ZZ is sort of flat-chested , eh!

Posted by: ch2praxis | Jul 10, 2006 11:33:30 PM

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