August 02, 2006


Charlie Yeung Hong Kong newspapers (and Monkeypeaches) are reporting that the Pang Brothers have announced the cast of their Hollywood BANGKOK DANGEROUS remake. Nic Cage will play the hitman and Charlie Yeung will play his love interest. I'm not a big fan of BANGKOK DANGEROUS in the first place, but it was an accomplished movie that put the Pangs on the map no matter what I think and this remake already has "dodgy" written all over it.

The original was about a deaf-mute hitman working in Bangkok (which is dangerous) and falling for a local gal. In the remake, Nic Cage will play a hitman who travels to Bangkok (still dangerous) to pull off a couple of hits and while there he falls in love with a local gal played by Charlie Yeung, who will be a deaf-mute. In case you're worried that Charlie Yeung looks about as Thai as I do, don't sweat it. She's learning traditional Thai dance and sign language in order to bring realness.

There's still some debate over whether the movie is going to be called TIME TO KILL or BANGKOK DANGEROUS, but since TIME TO KILL is already the name of a movie with Sandra Bullock in it (isn't she sort of the Western equivalent of Charlie Yeung?) my guess is that it'll still be named BANGKOK DANGEROUS and that the soundtrack will feature "One Night in Bangkok" over the end credits.

Shooting is supposed to begin this month.

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So who here wants first dibs on calling Charlie Yeung a slut and a sell out for being an Asian stereotype just cause she's in a Hollywood movie?

Come on...even Gong Li got called one.

Here's a question before anyone does step up on the "sell out slut" train...if Charlie yells out the Thai equivalent of "Hola Chico" before Nic plows her in the back of a tuk-tuk...is she like less of a slut cause she said it in a Asian language...or is she a confused sell out cause she is a Chinese speaking an Asian language that isn't her's? :p

Posted by: the running man | Aug 2, 2006 11:34:46 AM

Of course they got Nick Cage to swoon Charlie Yeung. he looooooooves asian pussy. And of course Whitey is going to Bangkok to mow down those slanty bastards while falling for 'hola chico'. What's fucked up about this one, however, that this time around Asians are doing it to themselves.

Posted by: Sigh | Aug 2, 2006 11:49:09 AM

Wow, another remake with Nic Cage in it. First Wicker Man, then this, maybe Oldboy, and if he had his way, he'd have had Superman too (revamp this time). He's....a star.

Posted by: Simon Abrams | Aug 2, 2006 12:15:44 PM

Why Charlie? I wonder who was considered for that part first and how many people refused before coming to Charlie? At least make the character a Chinese mute living in Thailand...

Nic Cage is one of those actors who can give decent performance with the right director but this whole project doesn't look very good from this end.

I actually liked Bangkok Dangerous a lot and that Thai actress in the role was so sweet and lovely...

Posted by: eliza bennet | Aug 3, 2006 4:02:25 AM

you all suck, get a life. don't you have anything better to do than bag on people who are accomplishing so much than you ever will imagine in your pothetic wanker wanna be lives? oh of course you have nothing better to do... come up with something more ceative and then you may feel better about yourself then and you may forget for a moment that you are a talentless coward that throws his feces and then licks his fingers.

Posted by: red man | Aug 6, 2006 8:39:58 AM

Actually, I usually throw someone elses' feces and then lick their fingers. It's a little complicated but that's just the way I do it.

And thanks for the magical thoughts.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Aug 6, 2006 6:29:53 PM

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