August 14, 2006


Dasepogirls_1 The new movie from E-J Young is DASEPO NAUGHTY GIRLS, a live action adaptation of a popular webcomic about a school full of perverts where even the youngest kids are into S&M, and it opened over the weekend. (You can download a trailer here, featuring Sir Mix-a-Lot's "I Like Big Butts") The movie features Bollywood-style song and dance numbers and it's apparently more sophisticated than audiences expected. In a discussion over on KoreanFilm.org it becomes clear that marketing DNG to a teen audience has resulted in something close to a disaster as it earns huge negative word of mouth online (with kids calling it "the worst movie ever made") despite largely positive reviews.

No matter. Berlin has invited DASEPO to this year's festival and it's going to attend. It's a little early, but someone leaked the news and now everyone in Korea knows that the movie will most likely make its international premiere in Berlin 2007.

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Those darn kids. Oh well, everyone knows if it's not properly "appreciated" at home, that makes it a shoo-in for International distribution -- is that the sound of a "Typhoon" I hear blowing? Still, it looks so bizarre that it will soon be added to my growing "must see 2007" list.

Posted by: Peter Martin | Aug 14, 2006 2:50:26 PM

According to the people in KoreanFilm.org, that DASEPO NAUGHTY GIRLS will be in "Panorama" section of Berlin Film Festival.

"Panorama" section is a lower-profile section in Berlin Film Festival, just like "Un Certain Regard" section in Cannes Film Festival.

Posted by: no name | Aug 14, 2006 10:04:43 PM

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