August 25, 2006


The movies, they are killing us. Or they're at least putting us to sleep like in this supposedly overheard conversation between two young Japanese women who decide that TALES OF EARTHSEA is the perfect sleep aid if you don't have pills and air conditioning dries out your skin too much.

But they're killing us literally in the case of this guy in India who took his estranged wife to see Karan Johar's KANK, hoping that it would convince her to let him marry his girlfriend. It didn't work so he shot her then threw her out on the road. She survived (oops) and turned in a statement against him to the police (double oops). Karan Johar was shocked. He just wanted his movie to make a lot of money, not start a crime spree. “When I made the film, I never thought it would incite such strong emotions,” he said.

But no one is killing people the way Futoshi Matsunaga killed people. Currently appealing his death sentence for crimes he committed in 1998, Matsunaga should win some kind of award for his complete and total insanity. He managed to get his psychic talons into his 44-year-old lover, Junko Ogata, and then used her as leverage to take control of her family. He turned all seven of them into his slaves and kept them confined to a single room in an apartment.

Using electric shocks he broke their wills and turned them against one another, goading them into fighting each other for his favor. Then killing each other. They would grind the dead bodies of their family members into a thick paste that was flushed down the toilet, one by one. And how does this tie into the movies? Well Ogata says he isn't responsible for what happened.

"I was only the producer who showed them what they needed to do," he says.

And, as we all know, the producer never gets blamed. Just the director.

In that spirit, let's ring out the week on an evil note with a picture of scary, bicycle-riding, phallus devil man.

(Thanks to Al for sending in the good stuff)

scary, bicycle-riding, phallus devil man

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Your link for the Earthsea conversation is broken. If you remove the apostrophe from the end, it works fine.

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