August 18, 2006


Cinderella They're out there...clogging up the internet, taking up our time...trailers. And here's a crop of trailers for new Asian movies that have been making the rounds recently:

CINDERELLA - a Korean horror movie, set to open in August 2006, about young girls who had plastic surgery turning up murdered. If you go to the website you can find the trailer by going to mulimedia (on the far right at the very very bottom - you may not even be able to see it on your monitor) and click on trailer 2. Or else you get lost in an endless maze of Flash animation and creepy sound effects. Korean horror movies aren't such a big deal these days, but the scene of the two girls cutting up each others' faces was enough to make my toes curl.

UDON - the comedy about cooking the perfect bowl of UDON noodles from Fuji TV that we've been writing about quite a bit finally has a trailer. Do not watch on an empty stomach.

BRAINWAVE - this ultra low budget sci fi film from Korea looks like it could either be really fun or really lame. You be the judge.

FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS - Clint Eastwood does SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. But this Japanese trailer also has excerpts from the companion movie, RED SUN, BLACK SAND, which stars Takakura Ken and tells the story of the same battle from the Japanese side.

SHIVA - Ram Gopal Varma's crime film makes its North American debut tonight (Friday, 8/18) at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. And here's a second, less brutal, trailer for the movie that should whet your appetite. If you want to see what's bound to be a great crime film you should check it out or you'll hate yourself in the morning.

(Thanks to 24FramesperSecond and Twitch for most of these)

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"Red Sun, Black Sand" star is another KEN - Ken WATANABE, not TAKAKURA...Also, the title may have been changed to "Letters from Iwo Jima", as I wished for, according to some fans and IMDb.


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