September 07, 2006


GILLIAN CHUNG'S BRA Three controversial op-ed pieces appeared in Hong Kong's Apple Daily this week defending the position of EasyFinder magazine which has refused to issue an apology in la affair Gillian. EastSouthWestNorth posts translations of the three articles, saying:

"These three essays are highly controversial.  The first one is written by an independent writer, who has been accused of selling her soul.  The second one is by a regular Apple Daily columnist, who has been accused of bundling the Hong Kong democratic movement with the EasyFinder case.  The third one is written by the regular AP commentator Li Yi.  Since Li has been prominent on issues of democracy on Hong Kong, he has been accused of lacking principles."

And they are doozies. But before your blood reaches the boiling point check out the take-down by Hong Kong blogger Diuman Park at the end of the post that elegantly and humorously tears the essays to pieces. And also pause to consider that there is an actual issue at stake in Hong Kong since some folks have apparently been calling for legislation to regulate what journalists can cover using Gillian's bra exposure as leverage. It would be a shame if Gillian's bra struck a blow against the freedom of press.

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Wow. All three of those articles are embarassingly stupid.

Posted by: David Austin | Sep 7, 2006 1:18:57 PM

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