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October 27, 2006


Carina Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-wai Only one item in Friday's Fun-Day celebration, but it's the best news ever: Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau have come out of the closet. It happened a few days ago, but I haven't seen many people carrying it so it may have passed you by so here you go:

After 20 years, Carina Lau and Tony Leung have finally said they're a married couple. These two have been targeted by nasty rumors for decades (he's cheating! she's cheating!) which haven't been helped by Little Tony's tendency to deny that they're married (like when Carina said she was wearing a wedding ring and he basically called her a liar in print). But the rumors that they're gotten married have become so prevalent that they've almost become fact even though the dynamic duo have never copped to it. But now they have!

These guys have been through a lot and they deserve their happiness.

So congratulations!

It's news like this that earns this week the Darth Kitty seal of approval.

Hello Darth Kitty

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Finally! They have always been my favorite Hong Kong couple. Now, if only they would have babies. (And also Nic Tse and Cecilia Cheung could have babies and then the world would be a more beautiful place.)

Posted by: Liz | Oct 27, 2006 1:08:56 PM

And here I had no idea about this period...

Posted by: CTDeLude | Oct 27, 2006 2:32:49 PM

i wonder when it happened...

Posted by: Buma | Oct 27, 2006 4:39:56 PM

hmm i don't see that reported in any Hongkong newspaper...

Posted by: winnie | Oct 28, 2006 12:44:50 AM

i'm glad they finally made it public but -- am I missing something? -- why did they ever deny it or refuse to acknowledge it? i know carina has had her share of hassles with the paparazzi in the past.

Posted by: glenn | Oct 28, 2006 2:00:12 AM

I'm not sure why they've always denied it, but it should be noted that Tony has been the chief denier. And according to what I've read, this time out it's Carina giving the good news again.

Fingers crossed that Tony lets it lie and admits to the world he's a married man.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Oct 28, 2006 7:19:35 AM

Carina never admitted that they are married. She said that Tony referred to her father as Father in Law (in Chinese). And when the reporters called her Mrs. Leung she said she wants to be called Ms.Lau.

Tony and Carina have been through thick and thin for 20 years. They are not married and Tony will not deny it if they are married.
But what is marriage in their case? They have a solid relationship for 20 years and it is as good as a marriage right?

Posted by: eliza bennet | Nov 1, 2006 5:53:50 AM

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