October 19, 2006


Moody. Melancholy. Momantic (is that a word? who cares!). I just got back from a quick visit to the production offices for Lee Myung-Se's M pictures and Core Studios new film, M, and things look good. This is Director Lee's first movie since DUELIST and it stars Kang Dong-Won who played Sad Eyes as a writer who has lost his memory and is trying to find the woman he loved. Kind of. There's more to it than that but since this is a Lee Myung-Se movie most of the "more to it than that" stuff is in the visuals and the editing and is hard to describe.

The camera tests look fantastic - the movie is shot by Hong Kyung-Po who shot TAE GUK GI and SAVE THE GREEN PLANET - and shooting is set to begin in November.

Lee Myung-Se is a director you love or hate - I'm firmly in the love department - so your level of anticipation may vary. Nevertheless, this is going to be eye and brain candy of the highest order no matter how you feel about his movies.

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