October 31, 2006

M vs. M

Lee Myung-Se Ryuichi Hiroki

This week marks the start date of shooting on Lee Myung-Se's doom-driven horror movie, M.

The Korean director of NOWHERE TO HIDE and DUELIST is nutty about the letter M and even named his production company M Productions. He likes M. What does it stand for? There's a rumor that M stands for "Must be a hit," but in reality it came to him in a dream.

But according to Jason Gray there's another director laying claim to the moody letter M: Ryuichi Hiroki. Director of flicks like IT'S ONLY TALK and VIBRATOR, Ryuichi Hiroki's latest film (which is a fun-sounding goulash about repressed housewives, kinky sex, and the yakuza) is also called M.

And it looks like it was released at the end of October, giving it the precedence advantage.

Will Lee Myung-Se's movie change its name to N? Stay tuned for updates.

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