October 31, 2006


Wisekwai has seen Wisit Sasanatieng's Thai horror movie, THE UNSEEABLE. I've been nervous about this. Wisit is a great director whose TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER will be the movie that the Weinsteins will have to account for not releasing once they reach the afterlife. A glorious explosion of Thai pop cinema from the 60's, TEARS is a candy colored mushroom cloud of fun that lies mouldering in the Miramax vaults.

On the other hand, why would a terrific director want to make another Thai horror film? Thai horror movies are, to put it kindly, not so good. In fact, they're so not good that when a competent one comes along (like SHUTTER or DORM) it gets wildly overpraised.

But now THE UNSEEABLE has been seen and Wisekwai says it's good. Actually he says, "...this intelligent, spooky ghost thriller still oozes old-timey Siamese atmosphere, and for that alone, it's a beautiful film to watch."

There's also another UNSEEABLE trailer up - and this one is much spookier than the first.

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I gotta say, I saw the Unseeable the other day and I was disappointed. The movie suffers from gaping plot holes and some really bad acting, and a badly written main character who has the typical horror-movie-logic-deficiency syndrome. There is a big twist at the end that purports to explain away these problems but it's too little too late. It's also one of those movies that paradoxically, explains way to much at the end. Ultimately if you weren't told that this was a movie by Wisit you'd probably never guess that it was the same director as citizen dog. I dunno if that's good or bad, but don't go in with that expectation.

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