November 06, 2006


INFERNAL AFFAIRS III Jason Gray says that PACCHIGI!, the head-butting story of a Japanese guy in love with a Korean girl in the 60's, has a sequel in the works with a May 2007 release date on the horizon. Director Izutsu Kazuyuki returns for the film but some roles have been recast and the era has been "updated".

And a brief line of text in a Variety article about the current AFM has caught the eye of several readers:

"Warner is understood to be looking at a sequel to THE DEPARTED which was based on the first two parts of the Hong Kong trilogy INFERNAL AFFAIRS."

Okay, hits breed sequels and with $91 million at the box office and running, THE DEPARTED is definitely a hit. But can we get a little less of Jack in the movie? That's all I'm asking. Or maybe they can set up an Eyebrow Jar on set and everytime he raises his eyebrows he has to put in a dollar and they can donate the proceeds to orphans.

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After seeing The Departed (which I think was a pretty lame movie contrary to the almost unanimous praise from critics), it occurred to me that the movie is pretty much just based on the first film and about the only thing that it takes from the second part is the reason why the undercover cop who gets "kicked out". I originally thought it was gonna be a combination of the trilogy or at least some parts of 2 and 3 but it ended up not being that case. So I don't know what they are talking about it being a combinations of parts 1 & 2.

In any case I wonder what this "sequel" could possibly be. The only thing I can think of is a prequel. If it is, I wonder if it will be a remake of sorts of IA2. I hope that they just do it the way of Grduge 2 and The Ring 2 and just go out and do their own thing.

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