December 04, 2006


Bruce Lee is dead

Bruce Lee is dead. Seriously. But some people just don't understand that simple fact and, like the 8 year old tyke who tearfully begs daddy to dig up Mr. Whiskers one more time, they can't let the dead stay in the ground. Or in the air. Or wherever. Not only is Rob Cohen of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS scrabbling at the hard-packed cemetary dirt to dig up Bruce's corpse for his movie, but now there's a Bruce Lee theme park opening in China and Chan Kwok-kwan, who played a Bruce-Lee-a-like in Stephen Chow's SHAOLIN SOCCER, is starring as Bruce in a 40 episdoe Mainland Chinese television series about the life of Bruce Lee.

The trouble is that eventually daddy has to start saying "no" when asked to dig up Mr. Whiskers for "one last goodbye" the ninth or tenth time because, frankly, Mr. Whiskers isn't smelling so good and no one seems to know where half his head went. Chan Kwok-kwan says, "I'm really very happy that I got the lead role. This isn't about the money. I'm really excited to play Bruce Lee."

No, Chan. This is pretty much all about the money.

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Chinese spare ribs!

Hope someone numchucks themselves in the nuts.

When is Chuck Norris going to get his theme park?

Posted by: Pong | Dec 5, 2006 12:31:19 AM

Preach on brother. Let a legend rest in peace.

Posted by: rokit88 | Dec 6, 2006 9:13:58 AM

the problem is, the family is whoring his dead image out. forget dignity, it is always about the benjamins.

Posted by: leggo888 | Dec 7, 2006 6:33:45 AM

Just say no to CGI Bruce...

Posted by: limubai | Dec 7, 2006 10:36:00 PM

After reading your blog, I said to myself, "What is the big deal"? I didn't see anything wrong at first with educating a new generation of fans by showcasing the Little Dragon's legendary tales through live action footage via a fresh new face. But as I read the other comments I realized that your gripe is with using Bruce as a money generating icon while putting his persona as an image offered to the highest bidder in order to sell their products. In view of this schematic tactic, I most certainly agree with you in that enough is enough, but alas he is now an enterprise under the banner of an estate and money it seems is to be made even in death.

Posted by: Gerson Alcantara | Jan 27, 2007 1:10:52 PM

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