January 12, 2007


Yesterday the new Mani Ratnam film, GURU, starring two of the biggest stars in the Bollywood firmament - Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai - made its international debut in Toronto at the Elgin theater where riot police were ready for the millions of fans who probably showed up. No reports on the event itself, but pre-event publicity reveals organizers getting the watery-kneed feeling that they may have bitten off more than they could chew.

If you're in NYC today, then swarm the AMC Empire 25 at some point this evening where it's rumored Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, director Mani Ratnam and composer, A.R. Rahman, are all lined up to put in a special appearance.

If only GURU was a better movie. Here's my review. But then again, I expect to be blown away every time I go in theaters.

(And on a very different note: I just caught PAN'S LABYRINTH and CHILDREN OF MEN and I have to eat some crow and admit that they were both really good. I've really been sick of all the boring movies critics championed in their year-end lists but these two really made me feel like the $452 I spent on tickets wasn't a waste of money.)

(Thanks to Al for the news)

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Seriously? You liked Pan's Labyrinth? I thought it was pretty overrated. I liked parts of it but it felt so frenzied and while I understand that's the point, I can't take a raspy-voiced goat man talking about how many times I need to tap a piece of chalk in order for the mysterious door in the wall from the weird palace thing that I need to get the whatsit from in order to complete the second task to go home to my father who happens to have brainwashed me but we never talk about why or what or et cetera.

I thought Perfume was a better movie.

Posted by: Simon Abrams | Jan 12, 2007 6:52:44 PM

Ya Guru was really boring. Grady what was your opinion on the other big films of this year like Omkara, RDB etc... What would say is the best bollywood film of 2006?

Posted by: PPP | Jan 12, 2007 7:35:58 PM

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