January 12, 2007


Artforum The Host What's the point of a blog if you can't disseminate a little unsubstantiated gossip?

This year we're seeing a slew of Asian films get wide releases from Magnolia and Tartan. So what're they up to?

Rumor has it that Magnolia is trying all different kinds of campaigns for THE HOST as they zero in on a way to sell it. As THE HOST bombs in this country, or does better than expected in that country, all hands race around on the deck of the good ship Magnolia trying to figure out how to anticipate problems in the US and how to get around them. On the good side, promotion for the movie started before Christmas and if I could get my new camera phone to work I could post pictures of HOST posters that have been blanketing my neighborhood. And did anyone else check out the latest issue of Artforum? I check it out every month - you know, for all the art - but this month's issue features a massive piece on Bong Joon-Ho written by Gary Indiana.

As for Tartan, they're still getting ready for their release of TRIAD ELECTION, but more employees left at the end of last year and things don't look great for them internally from everything I'm hearing. They're still on track for an April 25 release of TRIAD ELECTION but it just came out in France and while it drew a respectable 1,473 on opening day, this comes out to a per screen average of 264. A far cry from ELECTION's opening weekend per screen average of 2794. Let's see if it's just a slow start or if interested has dropped off this much. If it did, then all hail Tartan for their decision to release just one ELECTION in the US rather than both of them. But strong reviews in France for TRIAD ELECTION may still make a difference.

Also, a bunch of DVDs are coming up from them. There is an exceptionally good cover for TO SIR WITH LOVE, now renamed BLOODY REUNION. Here's the cover for THE BOW and here's the cover for BLOODY TIES.

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