January 05, 2007


Hong Kong's first drive-in theater I'm tired of words today. I just want to look at pretty pictures.

Check out this slick pic of Hong Kong's first drive-in theater.

You can see a larger version and read more about how it all works over here.

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It'll be interesting to see how well this goes over in a city that has:
1. a relatively low percentage of private car ownership
2. a massive amount of light pollution
3. a monsoon season

Posted by: daniel | Jan 5, 2007 1:57:12 PM

Would be interesting to know admittance price. Rent's got to be enormously high, hence higher admission price.

Got to agree with the other comment; what kind of picture quality can be obtained thru your windshield with the massive illumination going on behind the screen? The more I think about this drive-in, the more of a joke and novelty it seems.

Posted by: gurl | Jan 5, 2007 3:44:28 PM

OK, just read the link.

If you don't have your own car, you can seat yourself in one of 40 fixed seats in American classic cars. So, go to the drive-in to get into a Chevy. Smell the leather. Make out in the back of a Buick. If that's not lux enough, try the Cadillac. Reserve your ride now! Movie be-damned. Sheesh. Definitely a one-time deal.

What's regular admission to a cinema?

Posted by: gurl | Jan 5, 2007 3:55:26 PM

Low percentage of private car ownership???????????

Ever been here? Wikipedia says there are 330,000 private cars in HK. That's from a population of 6.5 million or so. Not sure how that rates in terms of percentages but this is the city with the highest percentage of Mercedes and BMWs per capita in the world. Plenty of people who could go. But I don't think many people will want to go.

Ticket price is HK$100 for first person and car, HK$50 for second person, HK$40 for the rest. Or HK$50 per person to sit in their "vintage cars."

Average ticket price in regular cinemas is HK$60. So the price is not sky high.

Posted by: spike | Jan 6, 2007 12:18:13 AM

You know what else might work?
Find a clean, spacious parking garage. Equip vintage cars (not just American variety) with multiple interior speakers and set up a gigantic LCD or plastma screen in front of each car. Let car occupants select from a choice of films. No engines, please. Nobody's driving so there can be an open bar and other refreshments nearby. Clean, art-deco bathrooms (especially for the ladies). Heck, set up a dancefloor and restaurant close by too. I'd go.

Posted by: gurl | Jan 6, 2007 10:43:20 AM

330,000 does strike me as a low percentage for private cars. I go to HK quite often and absolutely nobody I know there owns or drives a car, especially on HK island or TST, maybe out in the New Territories? But, mainly compared to LA or San Francisco, or the american midwest this is very low and people in those places no longer go to drive-ins.

Posted by: daniel | Jan 7, 2007 8:36:28 AM

Because more HKers use mass transit than own their own wheels, the drive-in owner has provided the car for interested patrons. Otherwise this whole drive-in thing wouldn't work. And it seems the drive-in is temporary, available while the land is awaiting development.

Posted by: gurl | Jan 7, 2007 9:40:41 AM

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