February 20, 2006


apparently the cast has been chosen for a TEKKEN movieChina's Sina.com is an internet portal that never met a rumor it didn't like, so take this with several grains of salt, but apparently the cast has been chosen for a TEKKEN movie. The kids today don't know what Tekken is, but back in the days before first-person-shooters and MMPORGs, back when we all still had gills and breathed ammonia, your ancestors played a very popular fighting game on their "console systems" called Tekken.

The movie looks like a Gaga Communications/Sony co-production, directed by Charles Stone III (DRUMLINE, MR. 3000) and starring:

Vicki Zhao Wei as Xiao Yu, the cute little Chinese fighter with her pet panda

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Jin, the boring main character

Brian White as Bruce, the black guy

Nathan Jones, the only man who's huge enough to play Marduk

And Gordon Liu as Wang Jin-rei, the old guy with the white beard

(You can see shockingly accurate photos of each actor matched with their gaming character over on the Asian Fanatic Forums)

Tekken movies have been rumored for as long as rumors have existed. Sammo Hung and Ekin Cheng starred in a Tekken movie that got ceased and desisted in a powerful combo move from Namco and had its name changed to AVENGING FIST. There have also been a couple of Tekken animes, but this might be the long-awaited (so long that no one cares much anymore) Tekken live action movie.

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I want to know who is this Zheng character!? Is thats the boxer!?

Posted by: JMK | May 9, 2006 2:17:54 PM

yea, jet li is goin' to be paul pheonix with blonde hair. yea, didn't u see the one, he was white jet li, and steven segal as kayuza and chuck norris as roger the kangeroo, and mini-me as gon the dragon and van damne as forest law and billy blanks will marshal law, damn what a dream cast!!

Posted by: hau | Jun 8, 2006 4:08:34 AM

The cast is up in imdb.com. That's probably your dream cast... jet li is not going to be paul phoenix, Hell no. He probably going to be Marshall Law, Feng Wei, or maybe a new character...we don't know. We soon we find out.

Posted by: Janessa | Jun 12, 2006 7:14:22 PM

I have a actor for lei wulong. Jackie Chan can play as Lei wulong. And Jet li as Marshall Law

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 26, 2006 7:13:32 AM

beyonce will be perfect for the role of christie montiero the capoiera babe!!!!!!

Posted by: Gerard | Oct 26, 2006 4:57:35 AM

Oh My God!!!

My best two most favorite actors!!!!! My favorite game!!!!

Posted by: Xiong | Oct 26, 2006 8:58:19 PM

Jet Li won't be in it... wasn't fearless officially his last ever film??? Obviosly you want Jackie Chan to be lei wulong cos thts clearly hu he's based on but you kno he wont do it... jackie chan sold out years ago... and plz no1 be daft enuf to say they want bruce lee as Law... lol

Posted by: Dave | Oct 29, 2006 3:30:36 PM

-All I know is they better cast Lateef Crowder as Eddie Gordo...they are clones of each other...

Posted by: slam341 | Nov 7, 2006 8:22:42 AM

I wanna see Tony Jarr play as Marshall Law and Jackie Chan play as Lei wulong in this movie (best maching ever).

Posted by: Ekkatos | Nov 8, 2006 8:03:44 AM

The producers should ask Donnie, Wu Jing, and Sammo then it will be the ultimate cast. NOT TONY JAA BECAUSE OF HIS STYLE AND ACTING

Posted by: Jin | Dec 19, 2006 4:52:36 AM

there is a tekken short comming out soon online which has nothing to do with the movie

Posted by: Jin | Dec 19, 2006 4:54:27 AM

look, jet li is law, jacky chan is lei, nathan jones is marduck, jennifer lopez is christie monteiro but i really dont think she could even attempt all those moves. Vicki Zhao would be asuka kazama, i can keep on going w/ the perfect actors but who i would love to see as nina williams is jessica alba. imagine her playing nina, oohhhhh my lord

Posted by: ish | Dec 27, 2006 4:57:12 PM

This movie will smear the Tekken name. I am totally against it. The only good Tekken movie would be a CG Tekken movie, hands down! You can't just up and "be" Kazuya Mishima or any other character in that game. The guys writing this script sound like they don't know anything about it. Get someone like Hideo Kojima to produce it + CG= WIN!

Posted by: Kazuya Fanatic | Jan 24, 2007 10:33:25 PM

ok to the guy or girl who made the last comment ur a fucking retard it wud be an amzing movie and its not gonna smear the name of tekken u wanker cos namco wudnt let it u think they wud ruin one of if not their most famous titles!!!!

Posted by: Meself | Jan 25, 2007 3:15:31 PM

Listen all ov u ye. a tekken movie wud be heavy yo its a great idea but they bes not fuk it up like they did wid mortal kombat and street fighter. oh ye no1 can beat me on tekken no1 get me. no1 knows tekken like i do u hear me so all ya'll can stop goin on like u kno about it ok.

Posted by: Tekken Lord | Feb 10, 2007 1:17:55 PM

Here my dream Cast =D

Jin Kazama - Takeshi Kaneshiro
Kazuya – Andy Lau
Hwoarang - Will Yun Lee (already knows Tae Kwon Do) or Won Bin
Law - Jason Scot Lee for sure or Donnie Yen
Heihachi - Ken Watanabe from The last samurai (give him grey beard and hair and he's perfect)
Ling Xiaoyu - Vicky Zhao (cute and dangerous)
Bryan Fury - James Marsters could do the trick
Nina - Kristanna Loken looks mean enough (hot too)
Bruce - Brian White
Craig Marduk - Nathan Jones
Jun Kazama - Fann Wang
Wang Jin Rei - Chia Hui Liu
Lei Wulong – Jet li or Jackie Chan (Preferably Jackie)
Eddie Gordo - Lateef Crowder
Feng Wei- Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
Raven – Wesley Snipes

Posted by: Jay-Dee | Feb 11, 2007 12:33:37 AM

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