August 16, 2006

SHAH RUKH KHAN: KING OF THE WORLD (except for his security guards. who shoot each other.)

Shahrukhkhan_1 If you want to read the post with the most number of comments on this blog, then hop on over to this 53 word entry entitled "Shah Rukh Khan and Rani in NYC" and read the endless string of personal messages, complete with email addresses, poetry and astrology, addressed to SRK. Why so many comments? Because Shah Rukh Khan is the reigning King of Bollywood. His new movie, KANK (aka KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA) is the latest  mega-romance from Karan Johar and it's a bit like CLOSER with two different couples experimenting with infidelity. It's been invited to the Toronto Film Festival with SRK and co-stars in attendance, so if you want to see what real celebrity madness is then I advise you to head on over.

KANK broke box office records based on its prebooking but it may not be able to keep the fires burning in India. Reviews have been harsh (like this one which sums up Shah Rukh's performance thusly, "Shah Rukh hams supreme...each facial twitch exaggerated to painful proportions. From heavy breathing to simpering, breathless sobs to caricatured anger, KANK provides a virtual gallery of Khan at his most over-the-top...") and there's even been talk that the movie is too expensive to make back money, and that some exhibitors are trying to renegotiate the terms under which they booked the flick because of its bad word of mouth. But overseas it's going gangbusters - the New York Times called it "suprisingly engaging" and it's made $3.5 million in the overseas market in just 3 days, $1.35 mill of that in North America alone, breaking previous box office records. And look at this trailer! I haven't seen framed pictures and glassware smashed like this since...well, since the last movie about marriage.

KANK isn't the only mega-project that Shah Rukh has on his plate. He's also involved in the remake of funkalicious 70's gangster film, DON, which will come out this November. The original DON was a joyous chunk of 70's cheddar and based on this teaser it looks like the new DON will be a splendiferous celebration of late 90's corn. Although the MATRIX-style fashions have got me down, shots of SRK spitting fire and sloshing his face with champagne get me back up again.

The original DON was played by Amitabh Bachchan and he was a man who could kill another man over the style of his shoes. In SRK's house, it takes less than that to get killed. Yesterday, one of his security guards shot and killed another security guard who made fun of him. Yatendra Singh Chauhan had only been on duty for two weeks when Sandeep Vijaysingh started making fun of him for sitting in a chair. The two were posted at a side entrance to SRK's bungalow and so they had plenty of free time and to Vijaysingh free time meant making fun of the new guy. What followed was inevitable:

"Vijaysingh poked fun at Chauhan, saying he earned a salary of Rs 15,000 per month for just sitting in a chair. He also said he doubted whether the revolver Chauhan was carrying could actually be used. In a fit of rage, Chauhan placed his .32 bore revolver on Vijaysingh’s chest and fired a shot, killing him on the spot," says the deputy commisioner of police.

Police say security around Shah Rukh has been increased following this incident, which doesn't really sound like the best solution to me.

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I was surprised by all the mixed reviews. Personally I felt that the film was very effective and highly entertaining. The song sequences almost rival those in "K3G," proving that Johar was no fluke. Definitely worth a viewing.

Posted by: Al | Aug 16, 2006 1:47:52 PM

Speaking of the original Don....here it is.....the title sequence to one of the greatest and funkiest movies of the 1970's.....maybe of all time.....just watch this title sequence......and listen to that wah wah guitar.....


Posted by: Clint | Aug 16, 2006 4:06:15 PM

u r the best shahrukh ..missing ur performance.....luv u again agina n again

Posted by: kinz | Sep 30, 2006 1:24:46 PM

r u there if you will read this comments please send your mailing address

Posted by: roshia | Oct 15, 2006 1:15:03 AM

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