September 08, 2006


Those with weak stomachs beware. Because you're about to hear Any Lau talking about things like "...an abundance of saliva."

Andy has Hepatitis B, not a huge deal in and of itself. But now fans are starting to criticize him for still doing love scenes, ignoring the reality that it is almost impossible to transmit Hep B via kissing. And unless Andy's got a career in hardcore porn that I don't know about that would be about all he's doing onscreen. Andy sums it all up in one disgusting sentence.

"One can only contract the virus through kissing if there is an abundance of saliva. I am not afraid to shoot kissing scenes and will do more," he says.

That grating sound you hear is me scraping the bottom of the barrel with this next item. I can't even talk about it. But if you want to read something so disgustingly funny, wrong and potentially upsetting then check out this article on the workplace woes of a Japanese urologist from an article in the Japanese magazine, Weekly Playboy. Just be warned: you cannot un-read these words.

So THE PROTECTOR hits theaters and is a trainwreck. Andy Lau talks about an abundance of saliva. An internet rumor starts about Alain Delon appearing in a Johnnie To movie. And THE BANQUET turns out to be not so great after all.

It's been an evil week. Take it Scary Red Bicylce Phallus Man.

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