September 25, 2006


Cage factor As tanks rolled in Thailand last week, as the military seized power in that country's 18th coup d'etat since 1932, as friends emailed me from Thailand to let me know what was going on and that they were okay only one thought burned in my brain: was Nic Cage safe?

For those of you who don't track Cage's movements around the world using maps and bits of paper, Nic Cage was in Thailand shooting the Pang Brothers remake of their first big movie, BANGKOK DANGEROUS (which sports the working title BIG HIT IN BANGKOK).

Cage, who said recently that he was "half-asian" thanks to having worked with John Woo on FACE/OFF and to being married to a Korean-American, has a private plane waiting to ferry him away at the first sign of coup trouble, but otherwise he is - despite the total disinterest in his fate on the part of the Western press - sitting tight. The production is on hiatus while the coup settles down.

I am very depressed that the only person to cover this story is Yahoo! Canada, and Wisekwai.

But, thanks to my savvy editor, I now know that Army Archered covered this story on his blog at Variety, as well. He speaks with the movie's producer, William Sherak, and this is one of many, many wonderful quotes in the post: "Hong Kong beauty Charlie Young is the femme lead and the role calls for her to be deaf. "It's a very special relationship with Nicolas," said Sherak. "It's a very special story."

There you have it, folks, straight from the producer's mouth: it's very special.

(I was out of the country last week - could you tell? - and so I may have missed some media coverage of Cage's condition. If anyone saw some, please let us all know.)

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