November 30, 2006


Magnolia unveiled its American trailer and poster for THE HOST over at CHUD and it's not bad. The trailer's nice: aimed squarely at the mainstream market with plenty of pics of the monster. I personally hate the "fade to black like a spooky heartbeat" editing tic, but it's standard language for American movie trailers so I'm sure that no one much notices it. And kudos to them for going with a red band, R-rated trailer.

The poster's not bad, but not great either. There were so many snazzy designs to choose from with the multiple Korean posters that this one is a bit of a disappointment. I see where they were going, but I don't think they got there. And I really don't like the retro 50's monster movie font for the title. But all in all it's not bad. Now to see if anyone comes.

Host US poster

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With the exception of the music and the two critic quotes, this is the EXACT same trailer as the UK one.

And the music used in the UK trailer is FAR better than the one here.

Posted by: the running man | Nov 30, 2006 12:30:47 PM

The emphasis on the monster in the trailer makes the way that they treat the poster like a throwback to 50s horror movies seem a bit stupid because of how you honestly didn't know what to expect most times from the ads. You just got a picture of someone shrieking and a shadow across that person's face.

It's a bit stupid to also reveal the monster in any case because of how exciting it is to see him for the first time and how in any movie, not just horror, that certain element of surprise is pivotal to enjoying the film. One of the reasons why I hate the way the press reviewed "13 Tzameti" was because they all gave away what the film's secret is. "The Host" doesn't have a twist about the monster's appearance giving away any info about it but that moment of puzzlement you have when you see it the first time and every time since becomes distilled.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: they shouldn've shown the monster in the trailer.

I've seen the film and I stand by that statement.

Posted by: Simon Abrams | Dec 1, 2006 11:45:09 AM

I think the reason they needed to show the monster is because they want to reach a mainstream American audience with this movie and if they say, "Asian monster movie" people will think that it might be a guy in a rubber suit. Or that the effects will look cheap. They give away just enough of the effects to reassure people that it looks cool - it's a pity, but I can see why they did it. I think if I was in their shoes I might have made a similar choice even if I did it through gritted teeth.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Dec 3, 2006 7:23:55 PM

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