January 09, 2007


Angry Chinese men Even though this blog took its Xmas hiatus to get pumped full of the blood of young children so that it can continue to lurch forward in 2007, Chinese people didn't stop getting angry at each other.

Shanghai people were miffed at Ang Lee that his Eileen Chang flick, LUST, CAUTION (starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai, newcomer Tang Wei and Leehom Wang) shut down the traffic in their fair city and caused numerous jams. "Sorry," Ang says. Then he headed back to Shanghai for another month of shooting.

Jia Zhangke is mad that longtime Zhang Yimou producer, Zhang Weiping, is mad that he won the Golden Lion at Venice for his flick, STILL LIFE. Weiping told a newspaper that the voting was rigged because the head of the Venice festival, Marco Muller, was an investor in STILL LIFE. Jia wrote an open letter to Weiping saying, "I hope Mr. Zhang will provide evidence to prove that Marco Muller is an investor in STILL LIFE. Your comment has already harmed my reputation and I'm considering resorting to legal procedures."

Angrychinese1 Zhang Yimou finds criticism of CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER "laughable" especially now that CURSE has beaten CONFESSION OF PAIN at the box office. It wasn't really a fair contest since CURSE was booked into three times the number of screens as CONFESSION even though exhibitors were reporting 95% of the seats available for CONFESSION were sold, and that they had to scramble at the last minute to add a few screens. Nevertheless, CURSE made US6.4 million over the weekend versus CONFESSION's US$3.08 million. This took CURSE to a year-end total of US$24.73 million. But people like Jia Zhangke and others have criticised the move by the industry to make nothing but gargantuan, period martial arts flicks. Zhang Yimou responds by blaming China for this problem. He says that overseas, arthouse movies and big budget movies are distributed through different channels. "You don't see the anger toward big-budget films overseas. There are specialized art-house movie theater networks ... Every genre has its own rules. There isn't a question of who dominates. There isn't a question of survival or mutual exclusiveness."

Huo Yuanjia's grandson is angry that he lost his defamation suit against FEARLESS. The legendary martial artist's last remaining descendant had sued Jet Li and the studio for producing FEARLESS which he said was a libelous and defamatory depiction of his granddad. Not so, said the judge, who felt the wind and found nothing libelous or defamatory in the movie, ruling for the defendants. Grandson is considering an appeal.

Not angry yet, but potentially angry down the road, are the families of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat. After the miscarriage of his daughter, Chow says he and his wife have no further plans to have children and that he's leaving his entire estate to charity after his death. He and his wife are currently speaking to a lawyer to make it so. Jackie also says he'll donate half of his estate to charity after his death. Expect lawsuits.

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Zhang Weiping has been complaining about Chow Yun-fat not doing mainland promotion for Curse (blasting both him and Gong Li for lacking professional ethics). Chow responded that Bill Kong told him to do PR in Taiwan and HK but not on mainland, and wondered what Zhang was being so pissy about, seeing as Curse made scads of money and all. Zhang fired back yesterday, saying that his earlier complaints were just an attempt to give Chow face, and what really happened was that the production company was so fed up with Chow's "Hollywood-style" demands and poor character that it intentionally froze him out of promotion. (here:http://ent.163.com/07/0110/02/34ENF2L800031H2L.html and associated links).

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