January 19, 2007


Massive Japanese fantasy film, DORORO, has been picked up by Universal for North America. Whether they'll give it a theatrical release or it'll go straight-to-video is unknown. Release date is set for Japan on 1/27.

Watch the really gorgeous trailer and try not to wet yourself anticipating munching popcorn and seeing this on the big screen.

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January 18, 2007


Bodyguard 2 poster

Why did I like THE BODYGUARD? I guess, for me, the scene where Kevin Costner is leaving and Whitney Houston is so sad and then she just starts singing...oh, wait. Wrong BODYGUARD. I guess the reason I like THE BODYGUARD so much is the scene with the guy with Down's Syndrome getting hit in the head...no, I guess the reason is the scene where they make fun of Burmese people...no, I think it's the part where the bodyguard wears the wrestler's outfit in the elevator...let's face it: you can't just pick one part because the whole movie is so irredeemably stupid, but stupid in a good way.

So now it's even more exciting that BODYGUARD 2 is coming out and judging from this extended trailer it looks even stupider. In fact, as smitten as I am with the stupidity in the first movie I'm really worried that this sequel will be too stupid. Is there such a thing?

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January 17, 2007


STARFISH HOTELTrailers are everywhere today!

John Williams, a Welshman who directs Japanese movies, has a new flick, STARFISH HOTEL, coming out and the trailer looks gorgeous. The synopsis sounds like a Haruki Murakami novel, and the billowing red drapes look like TWIN PEAKS, and there is a disconcerting glimpse of that DONNIE DARKO bunny, but it's got a lush spookiness all its own. And, of course, Akira Emoto.
(View the trailer)
(read the synopsis)

Twitch has posted a nice teaser trailer for Kiyoshi Kurosawa's RETRIBUTION and although I swore that I'd never watch another Asian horror movie featuring a dead girl with long black hair, let alone a Japanese horror movie featuring a dead girl with long black hair, this looks really good. And it's Kiyoshi Kurosawa who's never been one to just recycle the same-old, same-old. It's playing NYC soon.

And finally, THE HOST, has debuted a new trailer over at MSN. Compare it to the original trailer and you can see that they're really trying to zoom in on a way to make this movie work for American audiences. No Korean dialogue in the second trailer, hardly any reveals of the monster, and they place it firmly in the foreign arthouse movie camp with its shots of family fun and goofy Italian seaside music at the start. It's certainly a more interesting trailer and it feels far truer to the movie. Let's see if it pays off on March 9 when THE HOST opens. There's a lot riding on how THE HOST does - if it flops or underperforms I think you're going to see a lot less interest in Asian genre movies being picked up for distribution for a while, and that would be a real shame.

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January 15, 2007


MAIKO HAAAAN is the new movie from Japan's ace oddball writer and director, Kudo Kankuro (writer of: GO, PING PONG, ZEBRAMAN; director of: YAJI AND KITA: THE MIDNIGHT PILGRIMS) and it's all about geisha and baseball and you can see the first teaser for the film over here on Twitch. Some people think Kudo is nothing but empty kookiness, others find his movies exhausting and all over the place, I like to think of them as temporary brain transplants from another dimension. Which isn't to say that this teaser fills me with unholy dread.

(Full plot synopsis and more info on MAIKO HAAAN)

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January 04, 2007


I could care less about THE TRANSFORMERS movie. I'll probably see it but it's not something I'm spending a lot of time thinking about right now. Nevertheless, look at Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay speaking phonetic Japanese. I like the moment when the Michael Bay-bot is switched on in the first shot and goes from scary looking big corpse to Animatronic Abe Lincoln with relaxed hair. And then Spielberg gets all freaked out and does a little double take, "What's Michaeil Bay doing here? I directed MUNICH."

They crazy.

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December 22, 2006


THE DOOR poster

Li Shaohong, the only female director in China's Fifth Generation, caught the attention of international audiences with BAOBER IN LOVE, which was like a more psychotic, less cutesy AMELIE. Now she's back with her first feature film since then, THE DOOR, a psychological thriller shot in vibrant colors. The logline reads:

"Against the backdrop of contemporary China, the story centers on a young intellectual who feels “marginalized” and is losing out in the ever changing society, and whose dignity and pride rest solely on the relationship with his beautiful girlfriend. When the girlfriend suddenly walks out from him, he becomes so distraught that he embarks on an ominous journey to find her and the truth behind the breakup…"

Here's the trailer for the movie, hosted by Variety, and I've been told that it's a little non-representative. It puts the focus firmly on the action and the horror elements in an attempt to get a younger audience into the theater, but I'm assured that it's really much more of a psychological thriller. A psychological thriller with the SWAT team? I'm intrigued.

Right click here to download (select save as) THE DOOR trailer as a .wmv file.

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This is news to me. Studio 4C's upcoming feature animation, TEKKONKINKREET (aka TEKKON KINKURITO) based on the manga known in the States as "Black & White" is directed by a white guy. Huh??!?? Is this the first Japanese theatrical anime to be directed by a whitey? You can read all about Michael Arias in an interview with Patrick Macias. And here's Patrick breaking down the tale of how this came to be.

(See a trailer for the film)

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December 15, 2006



As the release date for TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER approaches, Magnolia has posted their official page for TEARS, complete with trailer. I'm so excited to see this movie that I have a hard time staying in my pants, but this trailer has completely robbed me of my excitement. Little more than a bunch of clips strung together, and waaay too long, it's hard to believe someone could take such a visually exciting movie with such an amazing back story and turn it into this pile of blah.

On the other hand, check out the Japanese trailer for ELECTION. A sharp-eyed reader sent it in and I've already watched it twice. This is what a trailer should look like.

But the Japanese have lots of experience with things like this. Check out MANDOM, a 70's TV ad Charles Bronson did in Japan and prepare to feel the top of your skull lift off and your brain hover out and zoom around the room.

(Thanks to the KineJapan mailing list for the Mandom trailer)

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December 12, 2006



"Where's Maggie Q?" Americans have been breathlessly asking since her emaciated frame jangled like a scarecrow marionette in M:I:3. "Where is she? Ever since Angelina Jolie disappeared we need an actress who can fit into tight spaces like pipes and tubes and drains." Relax, America. I have found Maggie Q and she is in a most excellent place. She is in the side-splitting new comedy BALLS OF FURY. You do not think a movie starring Christopher Walken, George Lopez, Maggie Q and Dan Fogler (of course! Dan Fogler) is side-splitting? Then check out this trailer. If that doesn't make your whole body hurt like your sides have been split open by hairy trolls with bloody axes then I don't know what will. Even the title is funny. BALLS OF FURY and the movie is about ping pong, but it's also like ENTER THE DRAGON which was by Bruce Lee who also made a movie called FISTS OF FURY and balls are another word for testicles. "From the creators of 'Reno 911'" - ah, that explains it.

If that doesn't hurt you enough, then Wisekwai has ruined a movie I was looking forward to: the Thai time-traveling pop flick, THE POSSIBLE. A can't go wrong concept (Thai pop band from the 60's travels to 2006 via a magic microphone)! And can't go wrong costumes (giant afro wigs are always funny)! And yet Wisekwai says it's not that good. I didn't believe him until I watched the trailer. And it blistered my face with bad movie pain. (24FramesperSecond provided the trailer link - blame them)

Then I wanted to relax by watching a ginormous, corporate shadow puppet show that Jason Gray taped on his cell phone one night in Shibuya. A promo for Xbox 360, it's kind of abstract and weird, but not enough giant monsters. Come on - if the Xbox people were giving you a million dollars to do a shadow puppet show couldn't you come up with something better? Say, something that involved more than one giant monster?

Overall I am disappointed in the human race.

Thai time-traveling pop flick, THE POSSIBLE

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December 07, 2006


Derek Yee's heroin saga, PROTEGE Thanks to the reader who sent this in and to the Little Film Company for hosting this. What is "this"? "This" is an extremely long trailer/promo reel for Derek Yee's heroin saga, PROTEGE. There are some major spoilers about halfway through, so check out after the first 45 seconds or so if you don't want anything ruined. And there's some anti-drug hysteria that feels very old fashioned in the "junkie" parts of the promo, but for those of us who feared that this would be a long educational film this trailer pretty much erases that concern. Lots of action. Production values that look sky high. And some unexpected acting moments from Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. I'm now officially excited by this movie - which is coming in Spring 2007.

To view, go here and enter
username: protege
password: gethigh

And prepare to be dazzled at least by the money onscreen if by nothing else. Also, you can see the official website here.

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December 04, 2006


Twins Mission

It's here! The best Twins movie since THE TWINS EFFECT...TWINS MISSION! Buckle up your brain! It's a super-thief movie, the kind that were big in the 60's and then got big again around the time MISSION IMPOSSIBLE came out. And it's starring the Twins, Hong Kong's stickiest bubblegum pop duo. And Sammo Hung! And Yuen Wah! And Wu Jing! And it's directed by an action choreographer! Don't believe that this will jack up your system like 10,000 cc's of pure junk food marinated for months in Jolt cola? Then watch this trailer and start counting how many other movies you see in it! Count how many times you see the Sundream logo! Now that's tacky!

(The trailer is a downloadable Windows Media File. Click on it and watch it on a loop until your eyes run down your face in a puddle of vitreous humor begging for mercy)

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November 30, 2006


Magnolia unveiled its American trailer and poster for THE HOST over at CHUD and it's not bad. The trailer's nice: aimed squarely at the mainstream market with plenty of pics of the monster. I personally hate the "fade to black like a spooky heartbeat" editing tic, but it's standard language for American movie trailers so I'm sure that no one much notices it. And kudos to them for going with a red band, R-rated trailer.

The poster's not bad, but not great either. There were so many snazzy designs to choose from with the multiple Korean posters that this one is a bit of a disappointment. I see where they were going, but I don't think they got there. And I really don't like the retro 50's monster movie font for the title. But all in all it's not bad. Now to see if anyone comes.

Host US poster

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November 29, 2006


Dukun DUKUN, a grotty-looking Malaysian movie about one of the nastiest crimes ever committed by a shaman is now being held by its backer, Astro Star, who are worried that it's going to offend people and it looks like it's going to get cut up.

The flick tells the truly nutso true-life story of Mona Fandey, a witch doctor/shaman who had provided supernatural assistance to the career of Mazlan Idris, a state legislature member, which provides a text book example of a bad employer/employee relationships.

After receiving the support of the witch doctor for years, Mazlan was decapitated, skinned and chopped into 18 pieces by Mona, her husband and her assistant. Reason: unknown. The corpse was found buried near Mona's home and the assistant confessed to participating in the ritual killing.

Mona was quite a dresser and the case (in 1993) captured national attention. Before she was hung, she proclaimed "I will not die," which is so much better than "I'm sorry" if you want to seriously creep people out for years to come.

DUKUN is certainly gruesome-looking (you can see a teaser trailer below) but it's now on hold thanks to Astro Star's cold feet. Astro Star also denies it's based on the Monda Fandey case. Cuts, reshoots look likely. Right now everyone's waiting while Astro Star "reviews" the film.

(DUKUN official website)

(Thanks to WiseKwai for the heads up)

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November 17, 2006


Nana 2 PlayStation game Apple Japan has posted the Quicktime trailer for NANA 2 and they've managed to make the new cast members look exactly like the old cast members. It's freaky!

From what I can tell of the plot, this time around both Nanas are trapped in the all-white apartment they share, unable to escape. There seems to be some kind of invisible gravitational field that keeps them there and everyone who visits winds up stuck as well - including Nana's band! The only thing that previously enabled the Nanas to escape the pull of apartment 707 was the power of their two matching strawberry glasses but now that one is broken the gravity field is out of control.

I'm super-psyched about this one!

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November 15, 2006


The trailer for Magnolia's DYNAMITE WARRIOR is now a downloadable file over at Twitch. Savor the missiles.

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November 13, 2006


The latest acquisition from Magnolia, DYNAMITE WARRIOR, features the lead actor and action choreographer from BORN TO FIGHT but judging by this trailer on YouTube it's far more focused on fantasy and wirework elements than the gritty elbow to jaw action of BORN 2 FITE.


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November 03, 2006



The latest incarnation of Korea's comedy action series, MY WIFE IS A GANGSTER, stars Hong Kong's very own Shu Qi. Playing the daughter of a triad boss from Hong Kong sent into hiding in Korea, Shu Qi winds up living with the rather thick Gi-Chul (Lee Beom-Soo from CITY OF VIOLENCE) and has to unleash copious amounts of beat-downs on thugs sent to take her out. And there's a trailer too:

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October 19, 2006


A sharp-eyed reader earns a big hug for sending in a link to a teaser trailer for Derek Yee's new film, PROTEGE. This is Yee's big drug movie, a la TRAFFIC, and it looks like good stuff.

I didn't like the shivering junkies so much, but the cold-eyed dissection of the price of doing business made my neurons glow. Plus it's an education in how to make your own heroin.

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October 10, 2006



Accolades are starting to pop up for a new Thai movie, of all things. These days I've come to assume a Thai film is going to be a waste of my time after seeing so many bad ones, but the very wise Wisekwai is lavishing praise on 13 BELOVED just released over there in the Land of Smiles. The director is a 25 year old with one other flick (EVIL) under his belt but the plot sounds wicked. A salaryman in Bangkok tries to make it to a 100 million baht jackpot by performing in an underground reality show that requires him to undertake 13 increasingly dangerous and humiliating stunts.

After the jump are two trailers for the film, and  learn a little about director Chukiat Sakweerakul in this article.

First trailer:

Second trailer:

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October 04, 2006


Thai horror flick, DORM It's probably old news, but I just caught this Quicktime trailer for the acclaimed Thai horror flick, DORM, and it's actually pretty good.

I've heard it's more like THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE than GHOST GAME, which sounds like a step in a more enjoyable direction. Anyways, check it out and make a snap decision for yourself.

(Thanks to 24 Frames per Second...is stealing from them twice in one day really such a good idea? Have I sunk this low?)

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Pang Brothers' Diary You can't keep those Pang Brothers down. They're making movies like they're afraid someone's going to stop them. This time it's Oxide Pang making DIARY which Charlene Choi and Shawn Yue about a chick who confuses her past (dead) boyfriend with her new (living) boyfriend. Or maybe the new one is really the old one? Or is it the new one who's dead and the old one who's still alive?

The trailer won't really answer your questions but that sure is one good looking cloud creeping in the window.

(Thanks to 24 Frames per Second)

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Why would anyone care about the trailer for a Thai ghost movie? Because it's a Thai ghost movie directed by Wisit Sasanatieng (TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER, CITIZEN DOG). THE UNSEEABLE doesn't look that remarkable based on the trailer, but I've got faith in Wisit.

It's embedded in this page for the American Film Market.

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September 29, 2006


Park Chan-Wook's I'M A CYBORG (AND THAT'S OKAY) While we've been over here talking about Nic Tse and Donnie Yen's hair, the Canadians at Twitch have been beavering away and posting things called "news". A summary of what you may have missed:

A trailer for THE RESTLESS, a martial arts fantasy flick from Korea's Cho Dong-Oh and a bunch of the crew from MUSA: THE WARRIOR.

A teaser trailer for Park Chan-Wook's I'M A CYBORG (AND THAT'S OKAY) which looks like it's getting a 12/06 release.

Trailers and links to the official website of Toei's big budget kamikaze movie OREWA KIMI NO TAMENIKOSO SHINIYUKU written and executive produced by the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara.

A trailer and stills for Shinya Tsukamoto's NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE.

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September 08, 2006


A sharp-eyed reader sends in the news that Sina.com has the official trailer for Johnnie To's EXILED. Fortunately, someone has uploaded it to YouTube where it's a faster, smoother experience.

Watch it and count the minutes till the DVD comes out.

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August 30, 2006



The first trailer is up for Zhang Yimou's CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER and it looks very nice.

My thoughts?
- A lot more action than I expected.
- A lot more cleveage than I expected.
- Chow Yun-fat fighting? Not something I ever thought I'd see again and I really, really, really hope they make him look good.
- CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER is still a stinky name. It sounds like an old Republic Fu Manchu serial or a bad Woody Allen movie.
- Please let this be good.

(Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who scorched his fingers sending this in)

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August 25, 2006


THE PAVILLION SALAMANDREWho is Masanori Tominaga? And why do we care about his new movie? He previously directed the KAMEMUSHI short film series which earned him the title of one of Japan's hottest up and coming directors, and now he's busting loose with his first feature THE PAVILLION SALAMANDRE.

Starring Jo Odagiri as an X-ray technician sent to verify that the giant salamander, Kinjiro, a Japanese national treasure exhibited at the 1867 Paris World Expo is actually what it is claimed to be, it looks like good stuff. The salamander has been entrusted to the care of four sisters who have made out like bandits in government grants ostensibly slated for the care and feeding of Kinjiro but now it looks like their long-lived salamander might be a fake.

If all of that has you intrigued, then check out the trailer. I have to admit that I'm more than a little interested in this very weird movie starring a very fake giant lizard. And check out who else is starring in it over on Ryugangi.

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August 18, 2006


Cinderella They're out there...clogging up the internet, taking up our time...trailers. And here's a crop of trailers for new Asian movies that have been making the rounds recently:

CINDERELLA - a Korean horror movie, set to open in August 2006, about young girls who had plastic surgery turning up murdered. If you go to the website you can find the trailer by going to mulimedia (on the far right at the very very bottom - you may not even be able to see it on your monitor) and click on trailer 2. Or else you get lost in an endless maze of Flash animation and creepy sound effects. Korean horror movies aren't such a big deal these days, but the scene of the two girls cutting up each others' faces was enough to make my toes curl.

UDON - the comedy about cooking the perfect bowl of UDON noodles from Fuji TV that we've been writing about quite a bit finally has a trailer. Do not watch on an empty stomach.

BRAINWAVE - this ultra low budget sci fi film from Korea looks like it could either be really fun or really lame. You be the judge.

FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS - Clint Eastwood does SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. But this Japanese trailer also has excerpts from the companion movie, RED SUN, BLACK SAND, which stars Takakura Ken and tells the story of the same battle from the Japanese side.

SHIVA - Ram Gopal Varma's crime film makes its North American debut tonight (Friday, 8/18) at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. And here's a second, less brutal, trailer for the movie that should whet your appetite. If you want to see what's bound to be a great crime film you should check it out or you'll hate yourself in the morning.

(Thanks to 24FramesperSecond and Twitch for most of these)

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August 10, 2006


Minoru Kawasaki's EVERYONE BUT JAPAN SINKSMinoru Kawasaki's EVERYONE BUT JAPAN SINKS is the latest comedy from the director of CALAMARI WRESTLER and BEETLE, THE HORN KING and it's a parody of this summer's big budget, special effects remake THE SINKING OF JAPAN. It's based on the novel by the same name that was a parody of the novel that inspired the original SINKING OF JAPAN movie back in the 70's.

I've been anxiously looking forward to this movie which is bound to be a journey into epic stupidity, and now a trailer has shown up over on Twitch. In the Twitch tradition there are a million different trailer formats to choose from and so many links that if you click on them all you'll actually wind up trapped inside the internet and unable to escape. So don't do that.

The trailer is exactly what you expect: machine guns, explosions and deliciously dodgy CGI.

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August 06, 2006


K_otokosore_poster_s_1Darcy turns in his review of THE HOST over on KoreanFilm.org and it's one of the best takes on the movie I've seen yet, boiling down what everyone's been talking about into language that those of us  who haven't seen the film yet can easily understand.

If understanding hurts your head, then check out this trailer for, well I'm not quite sure what the title is. But it looks good.

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August 03, 2006


It's been a while since Herman Yau's really cut loose in a movie, but it looks like ON THE EDGE might be a really good film. There's a good-looking trailer up and from what I can tell it's an undercover cop story but one that starts where other undercover movies end. Nick Cheung plays a cop who's been undercover in a gang for 8 years before busting his boss, Francis Ng. Now he's back on the police force and no one trusts him. His girlfriend loses her job in a bar because she's seen as sleeping with a traitor, the other cops think Nick has turned bad and no one wants to cut this poor schlub a break. I haven't looked forward to a flick from Yau in a while, even though he's an incredibly nice guy, an ace cinematographer, and has several terrific movies under his belt. But this looks like it might be the film that puts him back on top of the heap.

(Thanks to the sharp-eyed readers and Monkeypeaches for the trailer link)

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July 21, 2006


YouTube has a good-looking trailer/music video for Ning Hao's hit comedy, CRAZY STONE, and it actually looks like a good movie.

(Thanks to Danwei for pointing this out)

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July 05, 2006


Corey Yuen's latest movie, DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE, has its official site up, complete with a trailer (and more trailers are here) and judging by what I've seen this movie looks bad enough to be good.

- Devon Aoki (daughter of Rocky Aoki, who brought Benihana's to the world) in the cast

- Eric Roberts and Robin Shou in the cast

- five girls with samurai swords (the Asian, the Cowgirl, the ninja, the All-American girl, and the Cameron Diaz)

- a fight on a yacht

- a bra kung fu scene

- scenes set in the Build-Your-Own-Asian-Movie funpak: bamboo forest, ancient temple, wide staircase lined with fluttering banners.

Has Corey Yuen turned into Andy Sidaris? And, more importantly, can he turn back?

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June 21, 2006


DOG BITE DOG is from Soi Cheang, director of LOVE BATTLEFIELD and HORROR HOTLINE: BIG HEAD MONSTER, and it stars Edison Chen and Sam Lee as a monstrous hitman and a sadistic cop out to get each other. It's shooting for a release later this year, and after watching a rough cut, I can say that it's a hard-hitting movie that's definitely not like anything else you've seen from Hong Kong this year. Forget slickness, forget cleanliness, forget kindness. DOG BITE DOG is like swallowing a handful of broken glass.

This flick raised a lot of eyebrows at this year's Hong Kong Filmart and we're very happy that Sameway Films are letting us host the trailer.

Click on the below image to view the DOG BITE DOG trailer in a new window (flash required).

Right click here to download the trailer as a 7 megabyte Windows Media file (.wmv).

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June 15, 2006


The trailer for OMAKARA, Vishal Bhardwaj's Bollywood adaptation of OTHELLO, is up (download it as a Windows Media File) along with a batch of new posters and I have to say I'm getting excited about this one. The cast is rock solid, and the director's previous film, MAQBOOL, was plenty entertaining. Looking at the trailer I get the feeling this is an actual movie with actual design and actual cinematography, unlike a lot of this year's Bollywood crop where the camerawork is only in the service of getting the actors on film. Seeing how much production pizzaz is stuffed into OMKARA, at least after this brief look, makes me think that between SHIVA, KRRISH and OMKARA this could be a great summer for Bollywood.

There are some more trailers for download at NaachGaana.

OMAKARA, Vishal Bhardwaj's Bollywood adaptation of OTHELLO

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Jackie Chan's latest movie, ROB-B-HOODJackie Chan's latest movie, ROB-B-HOOD, has launched its completely impenetrable official website, but thank goodness for Jackie Chan's Kids Corner where you can easily download a Windows Media trailer. The flick looks good - lots of goofiness from Louis Koo and Jackie - and it turns out that Yuen Biao is in the movie after all, playing a police inspector. Originally, the Benny Chan-directed film about three hapless crooks kidnapping a baby, was supposed to reunite Jackie, Sammo and Yuen but the cast was quickly reshuffled to star Jackie, Michael Hui and Louis Koo as the unfortunate trio. Jackie has been injured several times on this shoot.

(Thanks to Monkeypeaches for the pointer)

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May 31, 2006



UMIZARU 2: TEST OF TRUST, the blockbuster sequel to the Japanese "TOP GUN for the Coast Guard" flick UMIZARU, is still rocking the box office in Japan. It's pulled in over US$40 million since its release in early May and it's predicted to be the second-highest grossing Japanese live action movie, after BAYSIDE SHAKEDOWN 2 (which scooped up US$156.5 million and is produced by the same folks). Star Hideaki Ito has been pressing the flesh and driving up ticket sales by meeting with fans in a whirlwind 4-city, 11 hour tour.

And it's not just in Japan. On Thursday, June 29th UMIZARU 2: TEST OF TRUST will make its International Premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival with stars Hideaki Ito (WHEN THE LAST SWORD IS DRAWN, PRINCESS BLADE) and Ryuta Sato (LORELEI) in attendance along with director Eiichiro Hasumi. We're pleased as punch so come on out and see the hit of the year from Japan before anyone else. Scuba divers, rescue missions, a sinking ship, celebrities...the only downside is that you may have the makers of POSEIDON sitting behind you in the audience and taking notes.

There're trailers for UMIZARU 2 here, and I recommend the 90 second spot as being particularly tasty.

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May 26, 2006


Tetsuya Nakashima follows up his KAMIKAZE GIRLS with MEMORIES OF MATSUKOTetsuya Nakashima follows up his KAMIKAZE GIRLS with MEMORIES OF MATSUKO, out this weekend in Japan. The movie is a musical tragedy about a woman who falls into a life of crime, full of eye-popping visuals and lots of singing. Over at HogaCentral they sum up the movie as follows:

"And still, she sings how wonderful the life is and dances in colorful flower print dress.  Plastically shiny and colorful cinematography with girl's manga animation is prominent for this film..."

Nakashima has this (plus more) to say about his film:

"It is messy and unrealistic.  But I still think it is important to picture humans with reality. Sometimes very serious emotions of one person look funny for another.  It is not right to make pure tragedy or pure comedy, just because it is easy for audience to understand."

You can find the trailer here.

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HATSUKOI, the story of Japan's biggest bank robbery, is a big budget period movie getting ready to hit Japanese screens, and it stars Aoi Miyazaki of NANA as the high school girl behind the crime.

You can see a good-looking trailer here and despite the sentimentality and swooping J-pop angst this looks really good. Great riot scenes and good character design, plus one of the funniest blows to the head I've seen in a long time = anticipation.

Does anyone know if this is the same crime that was covered in the last year's LADY JOKER?

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Representing the first of what looks to be a wave of Hollywood-produced live action adaptations of manga and anime, DEATH NOTE is getting ready to hit Japanese screens.

Directed by Shusuke Kaneko and produced by Warner Brothers, DEATH NOTE represents, as far as I know, the first time Hollywood has brought a live action anime or manga property to the big screen.

You can check out the trailer here, and I have to admit that it looks far, far better than I expected.

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May 19, 2006


EVERYONE OTHER THAN JAPAN SINKS In the 1970's the preeminent Japanese disaster flick was THE SINKING OF JAPAN. Based on a blockbuster 1973 novel by Sakyo Komatsu, it followed the horrible events that occur when it is revealed that the Japanese islands are sinking into the ocean. 2006 sees a huge, special-effects-loaded remake hit screens on July 15, directed by Shinji Higuchi. This flick has received major coverage and there's even a good-looking trailer out there to take a look at.

But that is not the best movie ever.

The best movie ever is the parody version, EVERYONE OTHER THAN JAPAN SINKS. Based on a short novel written by Japan's extremely famous sci fi parodist, Yasutaka Tsutsui, which was conceived during a drunken evening out back in 1973, it is now being made into a feature film by Minoru Kawasaki (director of CALAMARI WRESTLER and BEETLE, THE HORN KING - which is playing at this year's New York Asian Film Festival). The plot is about what happens when every country in the world except Japan sinks into the sea.

On May 15, the crew of EVERYONE OTHER THAN JAPAN SINKS held a press conference. According to HogaCentral, TBS (the television station investing in THE SINKING OF JAPAN remake) attended and asked, "What will you do if your version is a bigger hit than ours?"

Director Kawasaki apologized "I am very sorry!" but the novelist Tsutsui screams out "you have to make the original a hit, otherwise we will sink too!".

Set to film between May 7 and 17, EVERYONE OTHER THAN JAPAN SINKS will be released in the fall. HogaCentral admits to having no idea what the above photo means, but it is definitely a photo from the press conference of the novelist with a very dodgy Bruce Willis impersonator and a slightly more successful Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator.

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May 18, 2006


Afdlin Shauki makes some fun, laid-back comediesMalaysia confuses me. On the one hand you've got ass-hat decisions like the one to ban Amir Muhammad's THE LAST COMMUNIST and the ticket stuffing campaign to keep viewers from going to see Yasmin Ahmad's GUBRA. Several acclaimed movies like THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE will not be shown in Malaysia and on a recent news show the following topic was discussed: SEPET AND GUBRA - CORRUPTERS OF MALAY CULTURE (although as Yasmin was quick to point out, this show actually caused a spike in flagging ticket sales for GUBRA).

On the other hand Malaysia can make some good movies when it wants to. GANGSTER, a nihilistic, crime-ridden slab of ooze from 2005 will be screening at this year's New York Asian Film Festival and it rocked the box office in Malaysia last year. And Afdlin Shauki makes some fun, laid-back comedies. And now there's a new movie coming out called S'KALI about four multi-ethnic friends. You can find the website here and a downloadable teaser trailer here. It's bound to be controversial, and hopefully that will be good for their box office.

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May 17, 2006


TYPHOON, the big budget Korean action flick from the director of FRIENDTYPHOON, the big budget Korean action flick from the director of FRIEND, is getting released in the US on June 2 in a special "director's cut". The movie was a major disappointment in Korea, with bad word of mouth and not a lot of box office, and its American chances aren't helped by the fact that it's been rated R. But maybe this director's cut will make it a better movie?

A US trailer is up on its official site and it certainly looks slick. Follow the link, click on English (or Korean) and go to "Multimedia" for the trailer.

(Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who pointed this out)

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Silk, the directorial debut of Su Chao-pin, is playing out of competition at Cannes this year

SILK, the directorial debut of Su Chao-pin, the writer of DOUBLE VISION, is playing out of competition at Cannes this year and it finally has a teaser trailer available online. The movie is about scientists who trap a ghost, and it involves lots and lots of little floating cubes.

Read an article about it in CriEnglish, where Su says that lead actress Barbie Xu "...doesn't show all three dots!" in her love scene, and see the Taiwanese film referred to throughout as "Chinese".

(Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who sent in the link)

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May 16, 2006


I can't hate on this remake of Korea's IL MARE too hard. At least it's not a remake of an action or horror movie. I'm not sure how good it will be since the trailer is as cheesy as if it milked the cow and separated the curds itself, but that's the nature of trailers. But what about that bizarre, instant-gro tree? Was that in the original movie?

Here's the trailer in all its glory.

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May 11, 2006


Kim Ki-Duk's Time Kim Ki-Duk's latest movie, TIME, about plastic surgery disasters, has not been invited to Cannes this year. Last year his THE BOW was invited. Is TIME worse? Or is this just an example of a director relentlessly doing his own thing and falling out of favor with the fickle film festival crowd? Anyways, the movie will make its premiere in the Cannes market, and has already been sold to 15 territories. So there!

There's a lot of talk that Kim Ki-Duk is a misogynist and the treatment of women in some of his movies - BAD GUY, in particular - is undeniably harsh. TIME seems to enter into that same queasy territory and tromp around in it with hob-nailed boots. Originally it was described as a movie about a woman who uses plastic surgery to change her appearance and keep her boyfriend interested in her. But after watching the trailer it's clear that it's about a woman who freaks out, leaves her boyfriend because she's worried he's going to leave her, gets plastic surgery to look totally different and then, pretending to be a different woman, she gets back together with him. "You're scary," he says, and it's true - this looks like a "women are psycho" movie.

But then, later in the trailer he gets plastic surgery, too, and now I don't know what to think. Women are psycho? Men are psycho? Everyone is psycho? Kim Ki-Duk is psycho? Dunno, but it does look like another provocation from Kim, and that's always worth 90 minutes of your time.

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May 09, 2006


The Gamera movies reviatalized the kaiju genre back in the 90's with Shusuke Kaneko at the helm. Now everyone's favorite flying turtle is back on the big screen returning to his roots as "a friend to all children." Check out the trailer for GAMERA LITTLE BRAVES. He's small, he's cute, he's fighting a creature with a pulsating, veined purple tongue that shoots out like a shaft from its mouth. He's Gamera, fighting sexual subtext for the sake of all children.

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SACRED EVILSometimes you watch a movie trailer that feels like the last 30 years of film history never happened. Corny plots, hysterical nuns, sapphic subtext and flashes of lightning - and what's even more fun about SACRED EVIL (besides its oxymoronic title) is that it's an Indian movie. But between the Anglo cast, English-language trailer and nun-heavy imagery you'd never guess it.

Unleash the cheese!

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May 08, 2006


Andrew Lau's DAISY seemed like an unstoppable movie - the director of INFERNAL AFFAIRS, who doesn't like INFERNAL AFFAIRS? Starring Jeon Jae-Hyun from MY SASSY GIRL, who doesn't like MY SASSY GIRL? Set in Amsterdam, who doesn't like Amsterdam? But the film was panned on its release in Korea and was generally derided as being a pretty miserable movie without much to offer modern day audiences capable of feeding and dressing themselves.

The Japanese trailer is out and you can take a look. Not good, not bad, but there's some high camp romance going on in there. And check out that announcer's voice at the end. Is he selling perfume? If so, I'm buying.

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May 02, 2006


GO, the latest flick from Ram Gopal Varma's FactoryCheck out the fast, wet trailer for GO, the latest flick from Ram Gopal Varma's Factory. It's a bike-racing movie with some harsh-looking action, a government conspiracy plot, and pretty much every scene unfolding in the midst of a torrential downpour.

Directed by first-timer Manish Srivastav, this trailer is a perfect example of the Factory style: sleek, slick, dark and looking like it's got a much bigger budget than it actually does.

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April 14, 2006


Studio Ghibli's TALES OF EARTHSEAGhibli has posted their Flash embedded TALES FROM EARTHSEA trailer and while it's always nice to see a new Ghibli movie moving towards completion, is anyone else as underwhelmed by this as I am?

I enjoyed the Earthsea books when I was a kid, so I'm in the camp that's pulling for this movie to be good, but there's nothing in this trailer that shows anything I'm excited about. It looks like the same thing we've seen from Ghibli over and over again: the character designs look like they're lifted right out of CASTLE IN THE SKY, and it's the same generic European setting as HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE or KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE. On top of that I don't get any sense of the story from this trailer, except for a few hints that this is CASTLE IN THE SKY again (young boy rescues kidnapped princess).

The cherry on the cake is that Ursula K. LeGuin raked the producers of the Sci Fi Networks' EARTHSEA over the coals for making the entire cast white, writing at length about how she thought of her characters as mixed race. But what do I see in this trailer? A bunch of lily white people with unblemished skin running around. No essay decrying this production from LeGuin yet, so either she feels that this is okay because Japanese people drew it, or she's just tired of fighting this particular fight.

Pretty scenery, though.

(Thanks to Ghibli World)

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April 11, 2006


Three TimesA sharp-eyed reader passes along a link to the American trailer for Hou Hsiao-hsien's THREE TIMES.

That Jim Jarmusch quote at the front is part of a Jarmusch on Hou essay they're sending to everyone who might possibly know someone who may be friends with someone who might write a review of the film. They use a lot of quotes (and does anyone else find A.O. Scott talking about making love kind of ooky?) and you can feel them desperately flogging American viewers who are notoriously uninterested in Asian films with them: "Entertainment Weekly likes it! Why can't you?"

My prediction? Rave reviews and under $100,000 at the box office.

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the latest Pang Brothers film, RE-CYCLEA trailer is up in a variety of tasty formats for the latest Pang Brothers film, RE-CYCLE.

Set to release this summer, the film looks pretty amazing but being a Pang Brothers movie my guess is that it's not going to be very good. If you get your hopes up too high, prepare to have them dashed.

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March 28, 2006


Zhang Ziyi's JASMINE WOMEN, her family melodrama where she plays her own mother, grandmother and daughter, is finally being released in China in April of this year after winning a few festival awards back in 2004 and then vanishing. The film also stars Joan Chen and you can download the posh-looking Quicktime trailer here.

There's lots more info on the movie over at HelloZiyi.

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March 22, 2006


Bollywood's most interesting director, Ram Gopal Varma, has his new movie coming out this May: SHIVA. There's a lot of backstory on this one. Originally RGV produced JAMES which was supposed to be his take on the "angry young man" genre, a popular Indian genre. But RGV wasn't happy with the final product and disavowed it the way Hayao Miyazaki dumped Goro Miyazaki: hard and fast. At the same time, RGV has gotten sick of the cyclical criticism that has dogged his career where he'll make a big movie, the next four or five come and go like the wind, critics say he's over and then he makes another big movie, rinse and repeat. So he's decided to show folks what's what. Taking the star of JAMES (Mohit Ahlawat) and the female lead (Nisha Kothari) he's cast them in SHIVA, a remake of his first movie made when he was a total unknown with no more experience in filmmaking than running a video store.

But this is not a slavish remake of SHIVA. That movie was about college gangs and one brave young man who punched them all in the chest so hard they died. The new SHIVA is more like the RGV-produced SHOOL about a young cop who winds up in a corrupt police department. And it's about driving spikes through people's foreheads. As RGV says, "My new SHIVA is a remake of my old one, but in a way that JAMES was meant to be."

Unclear? Then check out the trailer for SHIVA (downloadable Realplayer) and realize that while this may be a fantastic new movie, with violence this harsh it probably won't be a hit.

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